【 2D Character Wedding  】


We accept weddings with fictional characters from manga,anime,games,etc.



A sexuality in which you feel love for a 2D character, with the same or even greater love for that person than for a real person.

This also applies to the "+" in LGBTQ+.


In recent years, understanding of LGBTQ has gradually deepened and it has become a hot topic.

However, compared to LGBTQ, it has to be said that the public's understanding of love for 2D characters still has a long way to go.

 For some people, the reason they developed an affection for a 2D character was because it became a source of emotional support for them, or it had some kind of major impact on them.


And one day, you'll marry a 2D character.


You may feel like, "I want to have a wedding ceremony! I want to take commemorative photos!"

However, it is true that there may be prejudices and it may be difficult to find people who understand you.

You may even hesitate to talk to someone about it.

The same is true when looking for a venue for your wedding ceremony and reception.

But don't give up! And don't regret it!


At times like these, please feel free to contact us, whether it's just for the sake of it or when you've reached a dead end.

Let's think about what we can do together!

You'll definitely be able to leave behind some sort of memory.


The characters gave me emotional support, made me more positive, and gave me hope for life...

We actually heard a variety of opinions.

I think it's okay even if the barrier to public understanding is high.

Please cherish those feelings and thoughts.

I would be very happy if you could tell me your honest thoughts without hesitation.


Whatever you want to know, please feel free to come and ask.

【 More original production 】

If you're holding your wedding ceremony in Gunma Prefecture, where Share Wedding is based, we can suggest many different styles.

Wedding venues that can accommodate 2D weddings, World Heritage sites, famous hot springs, tourist spots, etc.

Since it's an original wedding, why not have fun choosing an even more unique location?

Having a wide range of options for your style can be a happy dilemma, right?

Photo courtesy of Akihiko Kondo

【 Wedding venue and church 】

We will introduce you to wedding halls and churches that can accommodate 2D weddings. We can accommodate both 2D original wedding ceremonies and public weddings.

Please don't give up thinking, "Is it difficult to hold a wedding ceremony at a church?" Please also let us know what kind of production and progression you would like for the wedding ceremony.

Let's create an original wedding ceremony together with the planner and wedding staff.

Wedding ceremony in a World Heritage Site 

It is also possible to hold your wedding ceremony at the Tomioka Silk Mill, a World Heritage Site.

You will be able to experience this special feeling in the newly constructed glass-walled "Nishioki Mayujo Multipurpose Hall."

It is also possible to hold a wedding ceremony here, and one of its great features is that location photoshoots can be carried out immediately on the premises after the ceremony.
This is the only World Heritage Site in the world where you can have a 2D wedding ceremony!

【 Hot springs and weddings 】

There are many famous hot spring resorts in Gunma prefecture, Japan.

Why not enjoy a relaxing 2D wedding at this famous hot spring, while also staying overnight?

There are also hot spring resorts where you can hold your wedding ceremony, including a hotel with a church and a building that exudes the romantic atmosphere of the Taisho era.

A wedding in a relaxing space will be a wonderful memory.